Everything falls

My wit,

Your words,

Our talks,

You fall for me.

Your friends

Are mine.

We meet

We breathe

The same air.

We jump up high

And fall

All over again,

I fall too,

For you.

Do I feel for you

Like the way you do?

Yes I do.

It all starts

At tht concert,at that snack shop,

Where we are gird

And we hop

Then again we fall.

We walk long roads

And I fall

Out of bumps

And things unnoticed.

We go to places,

You, your friends and I.

All that falls too-

The bond falls.

Do I feel the same

Like you do?

Yes I do.

It all ends

On that call.

I breathed your air

I was with you

From the time sun rose

Till the time it fell

And now we fall apart.

You are still a part

I keep up to myself –

Ending…. Or a start!!

It’s my practice on fiction… Hope you all like it.




There were bubbles following her. A child would love the way it went up and burst out.

Half a bottle was used up.

Many colors of life were seen in a flashback.

Though there was a difference in view, at 3:50 am on February 17 2015.

It was the soap cleaner I drank, the bubbles, for a change came from my mouth. All that happened in the kitchen.

“Faith” I heard a gloomy voice, for I was almost in a blockade.

“Faith, no, what have you done? Maa Faith drank the cleaner solution.  Faith why are you doing this to me!!”

My sister, Jeevika loved me more than anyone in this world, and that day I loved myself enough to end up everything, including me.

“Mom I’ve made her puke let’s take her to doctor.” asked Jeevika.

“Yes, but you know right, umm..” mom


“It will be a police case.”

Annoyed, in my lost senses I assure them I’m better, with the soapy throat and food pipe.

Jeevika did not sleep until I did, it was her sister child of 19, who took that step.


But I did not sleep, the flashback still haunted me.

More of which was my dream since the age of 12, to go to Paris on my own earnings.

And the sheer dreadful sights of all the indifferences since I was four, of all those violent slaps and beatings

a child might never deserve.


2:00 PM, FEBRUARY 17 2015

I woke up with my parent’s cold stares that would continue now for lifetime.

Yes understanding each other always had been a challenge.



Have a happy life 🙂

Are you in love??

Are you in love??

If I say you work out,  or do some specific exercise or put on makeup it might be true for majority of us.

Well I might state that too,  for majority of that majority works on oneself just to please people around. Then my friend you are not in love,  not in love with yourself.

Every curve  a woman’s body has… Every nerve a man’s arm discloses is what needs to be respected. No worries if you want to work on yourself with an intention of being fit.  But it can’t be a great aspect to attract that attention what you are looking for.  In order to let people love you, you need to love yourself,  and every physical,  emotional and psychological features of yours.

You are shorter in height so what,  if a person can’t accept that reality how would one accept you wholly ever.

A girl is flat chested,  who has asked you to stay if you can’t accept that,  just leave.

Why being a girl you are ashamed of your physicality it’s a part of you, your personality.

A guy is shorter than the girl he loves.  So do you people think that photos would be ruined if you are not the “cliche”  couple,  or you think your love for each other will decrease due to invariable height,  PROVIDED that’s a true love.

Being a guy how can you question your love just because people would not feel it will be “cool”.

How can you be ashamed of what is your identity.

Loving someone on the basis of what others feel makes no sense.

What matters is have you loved yourself before someone else has loved you.

Do you love every physical,  emotional and psychological part and whole of you.

Be proud of each  and every feature of yours,  it’s all that will  love you immensely no matter what.

So tell me,  ARE YOU IN LOVE??

Have a happy life.  🙂


Do watch this video.  It inspires me a lot.

Keeping up with WORKAHOLICS

24 hours… Several random works…several important ones… several people to talk.. several that need time which nowadays no one has.

Major issue in the lives of ours is this lack of communication or time.

Is it so important to be in touch with people who you  look upon to just to feel better about your relations. Well, i dread then your relations might not be strong.

Accusing a workaholic that he/she does not have time for you is easy, understanding them is another thing. Try it once for yourself : if you think its wrong if they don’t meet you or text you for long, its equally difficult for them to not to be around people and things that they look forward to be with if they can spare some time.

No, they are not doing a favour to take out time for you, but at least be glad they did took out that time and chose you to be with rather than anyone else, be it a five minutes talk sometimes. Realise the value of that five minutes of a life of a workaholic instead of fighting or complaining for the entire 23 hours and 55 minutes.

The proximity of any relation in this world lies in understanding and truth. Rest all will fall in place.





Procrastinating procrastination…

You have a to do list!!

But in your mind. Then friends it’s never gonna happen. It will always be in your mind and not transform into actions until the deadline comes to your face.

So why is it we tend to procrastinate, knowing the consequences??

Answer is simple:


Yes!! living in a tech freak world, we forget what’s important and and what is necessary.

Finding the difference in CONSTRUCTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE  act is all what needs to be understood.

Write it up, what is to be done in productive section, and also do write what you would love to do in your leisure time.

Going to a vacation can’t be in productive section, completing an assignment can be.

Write it, on a sheet, in your smartphones, they are smart you know :p .

But procrastination needs to be procrastinated, and not your work.

Have a happy life. 🙂


Is iT OkAy tO Be DiffErenT?

A question that is always unanswered. Why is it so we tend to ignore the changing times and new ways of life?

Well, fear is the reason. Fear of taking risks. Fear of not being accepted by the society.

But it will never help a person to follow a set rule and live a life of others. Every individual is unique in their own way. Following what others say and not listening to what they have in their mind and heart will make them a robot, and not a living being.

If I say this to her, she will feel bad.

If I’ll tell him the truth, how would he react.

Friends, it’s not in your hands how other person will behave, but what is in your hands is your opinion. An opinion you should take stand for.

Let the other person be what they are, you be what you are, irrespective of the thought of consequences.



Have a happy life. 🙂


A sleep of child

they say

Is free of worries

If its true

Just let me be a child

For the times I want to sleep

But never slept.

A toddler’s walk

They say

Comes from elder’s support

If its true

Just let me have a hand

For the times I did not wish to succeed

But still dread of failure.

A teenager’s action they say

Can’t be understood

If its true

Just let me unlearn some things

I wish I was never acquainted to

A grown up’s eyes

They say

Shine with a glitter of maturity

If its true

Just let me deglitter it for once

So I be what I want to.

A married one

They say

Is bounded to the other

If its true

Just let me be unbounded

And let me breathe freedom.

A parent’s life

They say

Revolves around their child

If its true

Just let me love every child

Cause I have lost one

A death bed miser

they say

Remembers the past

If its true

Let me go to all those 2 end roads

And let me walk on the one

I didn’t choose

For everyone’s sake.


What happens when you just travel like every other day, and you are busy listening your music or reading your book and by chance your eyes meet with a stranger…whom you have never seen and might not never see again, but that glance persists..that face persists…even though you might not contact each other.The commute is not only for work, but a commute to your inner feelings too.

Well that sudden transfer of vibes is what that sometimes leads to a great story, or a great memory.

Life has an amazing twist and turn added to itself, which adds to the modernity of thoughts the youth has. We might not be long term school friends but we might be long term travel friends and that might be enough.

A journey from being no one to someone to someone you gotta have is nowadays seen in the metro city’s metropolis.

Have a happy life. 🙂